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Bleach your hair with less damage

No matter if it’s in or out, I’m a self-declared suicide blonde, dyed by my own hand for more than 15 years. The condition of my hair has been varying from Goldilocks to chewing gum, but only recently I could be bothered to ditch the box bleach and try this specific method to avoid the bubblegum head aiming for a… Read more →

I haven't been a HC doll collector lately but this newcomer is Merrycurls Dragon from the eighties. The series she is from was called Lady Lovely Locks and it was really cheesy. I just like the dragons :D


Posting because I feel like posting some random snippets and deets. Life tends to get boring at times but then you can always put your attention into small, bright details like graphic socks, stickers on your laptop cover, artificially colored sweets or other intriguing little figments. Just like you can take an old, dry bagel, rub it in the Snickers… Read more →