Swankiss Fukubukuro – Lucky Bag 2017 review, sizing and measurements

Hi people, long time no see! Excuses-moi for radiosilence, let’s just say that the last half year hasn’t really been the best time of my life and that’s why I’ve been hiding and sulking. Anyways, at first I wasn’t planning to blog about this topic either – my Swankiss Lucky Bag – but since some peeps have been asking for details about it on the social media, I thought I could as well post about it here. So here I am again. Hello.

swankies lucky bag 2017Since New Year is a huge celebration in Japan, there’s also a tradition of giving more or less generous gift packages to your relatives, neighbors, friends, boss… you name it. That’s why many fashion brands (and other companies as well, for example Starbucks) do release a Fukubukuro aka Lucky Bag for New Year. Nope, it’s not a gift, you will have to pay for it, but the trick is that 1) you will receive a selection of items that are a surprise for you and 2) what you pay is way less than the actual value of what you get.

Swankiss being one of my fave brands, I went a bit crazy and tried their Lucky Bag which I ordered from TOM. It cost $200’ish which is a lot of money to screw on something potentially random, but I had lots of TOM Points aka store credit tho, so I didn’t really have to sacrifice anything for it 😉 .

The items in the Lucky Bag I received were exactly the same as in the TOM store listing images, which isn’t always the case, or not even mostly.  That makes this Swankiss lucky bag into a not-that-huge _surprise_ for me, but neither a disappointment. Every piece came with the original price tag and they were between $70 and $160 which makes the retail value over $500 – not bad!

Let’s see the contents then!  Since Swankiss stuff are mainly free size (from Japan) so no wonder people have got quite puzzled about the sizing – that’s what I have received the most questions about. I measured all of the items and you can see the measurement in the image description. However, briefly I’d say that if you wear western size S you’ll deffo be fine with these. If your size is M or L, some of these will fit but some might be tight especially on the bust area.
So here comes Swankiss Fukubukuro lucky bag 2017 review, sizing and measurements!

1:  A black dress with frilly heart decoration
Cute and versatile, made of light material. I was afraid this would be too short because I’m 172 cm tall, but it’s fine and the shoulder straps are adjustable. The price tag was $100’ish and would I buy it for that price – nah. However a nice dress and I will deffo be wearing this on spring paired with a t-shirt!
A con : looks like the material wrinkles easily and I don’t like ironing 😛 .

swankies lucky bag 2017 dress

Dress measurements : Waist 66cm , bust 85cm. Stretches around 10-15cm. Adjustable straps. Length without straps 85cm.

swankiss_fukubukuro_dress2. A pink coat with heart pockets
This one is very pretty! It has a nice detailing on the pockets, a nice pink lining and overall it looks neat. Can’t figure out the surface material (seems like cotton blend) but it’s not a North European Winter-proof coat. When it gets a bit less freezing this will be in use a lot! The price tag, $160 is pretty much justified for this one. Can’t find anything bad to say about this coat.

swwankiss lucky bag 2017 coat

Coat measurements : Bust 105cm, length 90cm, shoulder seam 18cm, sleeve 49cm

swankiss_luckybag_coat_detail3. An oversize turtleneck sweater
I’m happy with this one too. I had difficulties to make up my mind about the comical ribbon details on the sleeves, but once I tried the sweater on, it looked quite nice even with the stupid ribbons. Eventually I ended up liking that exact silly factor way more than I expected. The sweater is way oversized and my husband’s reaction to me wearing it was ”look, Pink Angry Bird” but being fond of big sweaters, I like it and I have already been using it a lot. I removed the price tag and forgot what it was exactly, but methinks it was $100’ish. A con : the material could be warmer. It’s comfy but not exactly warm (again, this comes from someone living in the very Northern Europe).

swankies lucky bag 2017 sweater

Sweater measurements : Bust 120cm or more , length 60cm

4. Wide legged floral print pants
These are my favorite thing of the whole package. I’d have got personally offended if my Lucky Bag didn’t have contained these, since I had drooled on the TOM listing image so much! I had difficulties to keep my pants on (pun intended) when I saw them in the box. Not disappointed at all – these are better than I had guessed. The material is light but sturdy enough to not hang loose, it’s very slightly sheer, there are short ”pettipants” to cover the butt, pockets on the sides and these are wildly wide! The waist is thankfully high enough but on me but these remain as cropped pants because of my height, but that’s fine. Price tag was around $110 – I’d probably have bought them full price if I didn’t get them this handy. 😉

swankies lucky bag 2017 pants

Pants measurements : Waist 66cm (stretches around 10 cm), length 90cm

5. A pink-white-satin-lace-frill-monster-top
Okay, this one is WTF-esque. The lace and shiny pink satin combo reminds of what my Barbie dolls used to wear back in 1987. Somehow this pleases my kitschy eye, but not sure if it’s really wearable. I really can’t imagine in which event and in which universe I’d have use for this? The fit is also a bit awkward, somehow it manages to make my upper body look like a stick (not that I’m naturally very shapely). It’s rather small on the bust and straight on the waist. I almost feel like I should take it as a challenge to find a flattering way to wear this screwball. Oh, and the price tag says this one is worth $70’ish. Duh.

swankies lucky bag 2017 lace top

Bust 86cm (no stretch), length 57cm

Then there was a big button badge.

swankiss_luckybag_badge6. The bag itself
Probably the 2nd best item after the pants. It’s huge (I like to carry half of my property along). Made of thick, sturdy cotton and has a pink satin lining and a zipper on top. Love the detailing, especially the pink glitter on the heart appliqué and on the bottom, since they remind me of the 1990’s.. 😀
I have been using the bag a lot since I received it. It doesn’t have pockets inside which is a bit of a pity… But nah, can’t complain about this one since I like it so much. Price tag was $110 and that’s pretty much ok IMO.

swankies lucky bag 2017

Bag measurements : 60cm x 50cm

swankiss_bag_detailAbout Swankiss in general – their clothes, shoes and accessories are super nice and I love their unique designs. If you are someone who can’t tolerate synthetic fibers as material, it’s probably not your cup of tonic tho. Swankiss isn’t really notorious for using natural fibers in their clothes. I wish they would, but I can deal with the synthetic stuff as long as it’s tolerable quality (which Swankiss clothes are) and the design is something that I can’t get over not having.
The sizing is pretty much steady but unfortunately they only have smaller sizes, just like almost every Japanese fashion brand.

I hope the review was helpful for those who were looking 🙂

The item prices were given in JPY, so the the USD prices are estimations.

Photos by iPotato and my apologies for that!

Have you guys ever got or considered getting a Lucky Bag? What are your thoughts on the topic?

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  3 comments for “Swankiss Fukubukuro – Lucky Bag 2017 review, sizing and measurements

  1. 2017-02-08 at 9:56 AM

    I had not heard about Swankiss before so it was a really interesting review for me. and I cannot not love pink! my favourite pieces from your package are this adorable coat and actually this lace & satin blouse as well, haha. I would wear them both! and the turtleneck sweater looks cute as well. all in all looks like a true Barbie package and I actually really like it! it’s a great review, Lara!

    • 2017-02-08 at 11:22 AM

      Hi Maiken! Funny – I was thinking about you yesterday evening (actually because I was wondering about taking a trip to Estonia again) and now I saw your comment here 🙂 . Haha, I have so mixed feelings about that blouse 😀 . Thanks for your comment 🙂

  2. 2017-02-09 at 1:18 AM

    Hi Lara! Good to see you again. I’d lost track of you. Thanks for liking one of my tweets which led me here. Best wishes for 2017.


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