Dongari Killa

Have you ever felt nonplussed with styling your overalls? If you look effortlessly awesome in dungarees, you are a lucky bastardino and you have to tell me your secret.

I love dungarees and own few nice pairs of them, but then I often end up not wearing them out, because sometimes happens that the dungarees don’t love me back. They are tricky to style. Especially worn with a normie t-shirt and sneakers, or God forbid – a hoodie, dungarees have the power to transform me into an oversized toddler or -yikes- a kindergarten teacher (which would be one nightmare of a job).

These vintage jeans by Levi’s were a gift from Brag Vintage and this time I put a little bit more effort into experimenting with what to wear with them. Since dungarees are not the most form-fitting and ladylike thing on the planet, I think that they balance out well with something small, slinky, sheer or lacy. If the top as such feels too risque, it will probably settle itself nicely with dungarees (my crop tops just got an extra life!). What comes to the shoes, I looked for some extra height to avoid looking stumpy.

Dressing all grown up is not my thing really, but thanks to the lace shirt, platform shoes and the smudge of make up, Earthlings won’t hopefully mistake me to Punky Brewster, Super Mario or a Minion.
styling overalls styling overalls styling overalls What I wore :
Levi’s Dungarees from Brag Vintage
A thrifted lace shirt
Sneakers off eBay
Liz Lisa tote bag
Sunglasses from Bard&Jesterstyling overallsPhotos : Eugene D

PS: The 90’s called, they don’t want Lara back.


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