#snapshots – dinosaur edition

Hey ho! I decided to release a bunch of snapshots from iPotato since I like doing snapshot posts and haven’t done any in ages. This is a dinosaur edition, so beware of getting bitten or stomped.

Zombie Unicorn Jewellery

I ordered these necklaces from Zombie Unicorn because I couldn’t resist the triceratops… The cross is cute too but LOOK at that dino!

A wind-up Godzilla that husband once bought me as a surprise from Swimmer. I was sort of overjoyed. Small things are the best huh :D

A wind-up Godzilla that husband once bought me as a surprise from Swimmer and I was sort of overjoyed. 

evil t-tex

I tired to draw a mean looking T-Rex. I really tried. Really mean.

old dinosaur plushie

My super model dinosaur plushie presenting an antique baby bonnet that I listed to an auctions site. (Fellow Finns : it’s in Huuto, feel free to buy it.)

Winter go away. Shoo! My spring sneakers are waiting.

Winter go away. Shoo! My spring sneakers are waiting.

alligator illustration

Crocodile is not a dino but close enough..?! This one I drew for the husbandino.

triceratops pillow

I needed to buy a dinosaur pillow and I couldn’t find any bigger, so had to go for this very small one.. 😉

pet iguana relaxing

…and the dino pillow was received well – DJ still loves it and even sleeps on it in our bedroom 😀

t-rex tape dispenser

This is Tape-Rex in his natural habitat, on my desk.

t-rex illustration

Classroom boredom happened so I doodled.

Tangled Pascal plushie

Chamaleon is a reptile too so Pascal has a right to call himself a dino due to his ancestry. I put Pascal on my big Swankiss tote because I feel doomed if I don’t carry a charm with me. (Not that I’m any superstitious or anything … 😀 )

dinosaus skateboard

Doing Adobe Illustration vector graphics at school and since I was free to decide the theme.. Here is skateboardino!


A train selfie because that day my make up was good. An artificial Godzilla stamp attached so I have an excuse to post this.

triceratops bag charm

Some more bag charms.

Gomen Nasai Godzilla

This is Godzilla. For several decades, Godzilla has caused a lot of hassle in his homeland, Japan. Now Godzilla decides to apologize for his misdeeds and says Gomen Nasai. Godzilla is smart, be like Godzilla.


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