A make up hack for pale girls

A quick and very simple pale girl make up tip that is actually old news, but I tried it only recently. As Casper – colored human with a light skin and blond /bleached hair), I have often been feeling that make up easily looks harsh on me and clashes with my usual, super casual attire – especially when I’m wearing eyeliner and mascara. A dramatic make up combined to an outfit formed of baggy jeans, T-shirt and a snapback looks nice in stylized pictures, but unfortunately the said set doesn’t look that great IRL, at least not on me. And nope, I do not look awesome with a bare ghostly face, either.

I was troubleshooting my make up bag and I noticed that while I am picky about the color of my foundation, blusher, lipstick, eyebrow pencil and eyeshadow, I have always been buying my mascara and eyeliner in black. I haven’t even questioned any other color (probably because black is the ”standard” and others are sort of seasonal trend oddities, or that’s how it goes over where I live at least). Anyways, I decided to see what happens if I wear brown mascara and eyeliner and hey, it works wonders! I can have a groomed look without looking like I’m wearing a heavy make up!

So, if you are a fellow pale person and feel like it’s difficult to craft a natural looking make up, my tip is the following : try brown eye make up instead of black!

Brown mascara and eyeliner worn by me looks like this :
pale girl make up tip : brown eye make up on hazel eyespale girl make up tip : brown eye make upAnd because brown is sorta boring color (despite of looking nice worn as an eye make up), it can be livened up with a splash of color, for example purple:
pale girl make up tip : brown and purple make up on hazel eyespale girl make up tip : brown & purple eye make up

A selfie to show how pretty I am does the brown eye make up work with my daily minimal make up:pale girl make up tip : natural make up

And here are the products that I use on my eyes:pale girl make up tip : born pretty store make up products Brown Liquid Eyeliner Gel
Brown curling mascara
Colorful Waterproof Eyeliner in purple
2 In 1 Eyebrow Pencil & Eyebrow Comb Set
and these all were kindly sponsored by Born Pretty Store
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P.S: My apologies for iPhone pictures. I will dig out my actual camera for the next blog post 😉

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