Details of Stockholm

Did a short trip to Stockholm & photographed what I could (which was not that much really, because a hasty passer-by smashed into my camera and broke the zoom). Anyways here are some things that caught my eye.

I wish I had something interesting to tell you about the trip, but I was in Stockholm because of some very personal reasons, so my only chill-out time was a few hours walk around the Old Town aka Gamla Stan. The Old Town is my fave part of Stockholm, I really like the old architecture there plus that they have interesting shops. This time I  didn’t really shop anything for meself, but I kindly bought Tre Kronor (The Swedish ice hockey team) socks to the husband who follows ice hockey and naturally supports the Finnish team – so now he can have the arch enemy smelling his feet all day long. 😉

stockholm-satama stockholm-grumpy-statue

stockholm-steissi stockholm3 spiddy ksffrstuganstreet-view ben-jerrys-milkshaketualit samppistockhlom-aftonbladet stockholm1 stockholm-joku-baaristocholm-lohis menustockholm8stockholm-postilaatikko-jeejee

Adjö! See you later!


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