having the uglies

Having the uglies

First of all, I’m aware that I might sound like an annoying bratty girl having a major case of first world problems, someone who is bummed because she looks average and not like Cindy Crawford in 1995 and #WoeIsMe and all because there was only 8 likes on the latest Instagram pic and my online empire is crumbled. If I give… Read more →

insta snaps

Links à la Mode, January 28

Fellows, Good evening! I’ll now be posting Links a la Mode. I’m not sure if all of you are aware what that means, so I’ll give a brief explanation. IFB is a website that is made to serve all of us independent fashion bloggers. I have been a member for long and enjoyed lots of their advice and entertainment. I was… Read more →

Where did it go?!

Happy New Year, everyone! As you obviously see, all of my blog posts are gone. The blog is having a makeover anytime soon because this must be done to keep my motivation from fading away! I will change the layout and also, from now on, I’ll be back to writing in English. 1,5 years ago I thought I’d express myself… Read more →