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Links a la Mode May 19, 2016

Humanoids, g’day! My post was on Links a la Mode, so I’m sharing the joy and serving all the featured reads right here. Plus as a bonus, a collage of irrelevant images that came from my phone. Enjoy the links and have a good weekend! Links à la Mode, May 19 Aaveplaneetta: Bleach Your Hair With Less Damage Abroad Outlook:… Read more →

pajama pants

Mama’s a Pajama

Going out in my jammies has long been a guilty pleasure of mine (not only because I’m lazy, but also because I like nightwear). I don’t usually care for trends that much, but the pajama trend makes me sort of happy. I almost feel socially acceptable and that doesn’t happen to me everyday. Wear it at home – change the… Read more →

bleach img

Bleach your hair with less damage

No matter if it’s in or out, I’m a self-declared suicide blonde, dyed by my own hand for more than 15 years. The condition of my hair has been varying from Goldilocks to chewing gum, but only recently I could be bothered to ditch the box bleach and try this specific method to avoid the bubblegum head aiming for a… Read more →