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URGENT NEWS TO EVERYONE you can now buy Grape Fanta in Helsinki. And obviously BARR cream soda too.


Hi fellows Good news : I’m doing better health-wise and back to studies. Bad news : You are reading this shite, HA, get a life. Just kidding 😉 . Before the blog make over I had a habit to post a bunch of random iPhone pics monthly or so, and I was planning that I’ll ditch that habit and keep… Read more →

having the uglies

Having the uglies

First of all, I’m aware that I might sound like an annoying bratty girl having a major case of first world problems, someone who is bummed because she looks average and not like Cindy Crawford in 1995 and #WoeIsMe and all because there was only 8 likes on the latest Instagram pic and my online empire is crumbled. If I give… Read more →