swankies lucky bag 2017

Swankiss Fukubukuro – Lucky Bag 2017 review, sizing and measurements

Hi people, long time no see! Excuses-moi for radiosilence, let’s just say that the last half year hasn’t really been the best time of my life and that’s why I’ve been hiding and sulking. Anyways, at first I wasn’t planning to blog about this topic either – my Swankiss Lucky Bag – but since some peeps have been asking for… Read more →


Details of Stockholm

Did a short trip to Stockholm & photographed what I could (which was not that much really, because a hasty passer-by smashed into my camera and broke the zoom). Anyways here are some things that caught my eye. I wish I had something interesting to tell you about the trip, but I was in Stockholm because of some very personal… Read more →


Atami – July 2016

Some pictures from Atami. Just posting these while waiting for the day that a sack of money will fall on my head from the sky, I’ll happily wave thanks to whoever kindly threw it, pack my socks, knickers & reptiles and move to the coast of the Ocean Pacific Peace! See you there ~ Read more →


My new interweb identity

Hey it’s me, your friendly neighbor Lara. And this blog is formerly known as www.aaveplaneetta.com , now known as snackpackdinosaur.com. I had to change my URL and blog name because I found out the long hidden fact that actually I am a dinosaur that hatched from someone’s lunch box. Since I finally got to know who I am, I hope… Read more →

tokyo night

Ueno looks bueno

What a stupid title, eh? Long time no post. My excuse is that I was really sick for over a month, and I won’t proceed to any details because it was sort of horrid. Instead, I’m posting some snapshots from Ueno, Tokyo. Actually the Ueno day was my final day being healthy – little did I know. I have more… Read more →


Links a la Mode May 19, 2016

Humanoids, g’day! My post was on Links a la Mode, so I’m sharing the joy and serving all the featured reads right here. Plus as a bonus, a collage of irrelevant images that came from my phone. Enjoy the links and have a good weekend! Links à la Mode, May 19 Aaveplaneetta: Bleach Your Hair With Less Damage Abroad Outlook:… Read more →